Tuesday 14 March 2017

An Introduction

Podcast Episode - 0

An Introduction

Welcome to the intro episode of the England Rugby Pod, the rugby podcast that believes England will win the World Cup in 2019

Welcome to a brand new rugby podcast all about England. Other podcast’s are available, but unlike those we have blind faith that England will win the world cup in 2019. We’re not ex-professionals, we’re not rugby authorities and we’re not sports presenters, we’re simply a podcast by fans for fans and our knowledge and experience comes from watching the game we love and being passionate about it.

I’m Andy and I’ll be joined by Dan as we follow the England team over the course of the next couple of years on their march to glory at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Dan and I have been huge rugby fans for many years. We played together at university and although he claims to still play for his local side, turning up for training every few weeks then conveniently going down injured just before game day probably doesn’t really qualify as “still playing”, it does however mean that he’s available to us to help bring you all the latest from the England camp.

As I said, we’ve always been huge rugby fans, but our love of the England team was (as I’m sure it was for many of you) cemented in 2003 when Johnno lead a very special team to world cup glory in Australia. Since then, our interest has grown as we wait for the next squad to pick up that mantle, and the time is starting to feel right.

Under Eddie Jones, this England team seems to have something about it that stirs memories of 2003, and whilst they have a way to go before they can count themselves equals, 2019 is when we believe we’ll see them peak which makes for an exciting couple of years for England fans.

Over the course of the last 4 or 5 years, we started having regular pre, half time and post game discussions whenever the boys were playing, we have a WhatsApp group ‘2017 Performance Analysis’ in which we discuss all things England when were not talking in person, and it occurred to us, we have a lot to say. Whether that’s something you guys want to hear remains to be seen, but in essence we were already creating content for a podcast, we just weren’t recording it, so we put our heads together, ran a few ideas and came up with a concept. The result? This podcast was born.

It was originally going to be called “We Believe England Will Win The 2019 Rugby World Cup In Japan”, a bit of a mouthful, so we’ve stripped it back and here’s the very first episode of our brand new rugby podcast, the “England Rugby Pod” and we hope you enjoy listening.

This is officially episode one, but we wanted to do a short introductory episode to explain what it was all about and trying to squeeze that explanation in to the first couple of minutes of a regular episode just didn’t seem right, so I guess this is really episode zero. The idea is to follow England closely over the next couple of years, to get to know them both on and off the field and to do this, we’ll be splitting the podcast into two main sections.

On England game days, we’ll bring you a comprehensive look at the side, discussing team selection, tactics, expectations and analysis in the eyes of two amateur England fans. Will there be bias? Of course, but hopefully we can back it up, and if not, call us on it, that’s what will make this show a success, we want your input.

One of the features of this part of the podcast is that we’ll break the recording down into 3 key stages. We'll have pre-game build up where we’ll look at the squad, match day selections and any key news and views from around the rugby world in the build up to the game, we’ll then come back to you at half-time to analyse the first half before rounding things off with a full time breakdown after the final whistle. You will of course get everything at once, but hopefully it will enable us to be more accurate in our analysis, and ensure you get to hear genuine gut reactions to what we've been watching.

We’ll also go inside the England camp and look not just at the players, but also the coaching staff and other key influencers not least of whom is the big man himself, Eddie Jones. We'll look at the guys that perhaps don't have the longevity to make it to the 2019 World Cup and the fringe and up-and-coming players, knocking at the door.

But this is of course a weekly podcast, and England don’t play every week, so when we’re not following the games, we’ll be taking an intimate look at the entire England camp and this is the second key stage of how our podcast will be produced. Each non-game week, we’ll pick one player from the squad and bring you a dedicated episode, unearthing who they are, how they got to where they are today and where we think they’re heading. We’ll take a look at how they’re getting on domestically as well as how they’re doing on the international stage and we’ll uncover their career highlights (and low-lights), as we try to paint you a picture so that come 2019, you don’t just know the names of the guys in the England squad, you know the men behind the names.

This is as much a journey of discovery for us as it will be for you, so we really hope you’ll join us as we dissect this England side and attempt to get to the heart of what makes the worlds next number one team tick.

Each week, we’ll also have our Pod Q&A where we’ll answer you, so drop us your comments and questions. This is a podcast by fans for fans, so we want you to get involved. We’ll try to answer all your questions throughout the series so if there’s something you’ve been dying to know, send it over and we’ll do all we can to uncover the facts.

You can get hold of us on Twitter and Facebook (@englandrugbypod) or you can contact us through the website www.englandrugbypod.com where we’ll keep you posted on all the goings on plus past and upcoming episodes. But the best option as always is to hit the subscribe button to ensure every episode gets delivered straight to you as soon as its released, so you never have to miss a thing.

Of course, this is also a Lions year and with England expected to have a significant presence on tour, we’ll also have a Lions special in which we’ll look at all their games as they take on the mammoth challenge of battling the Kiwis in New Zealand. This is set to be an epic tour and will be a great opportunity for the England boys involved to get a proper look at their biggest rivals – the All Blacks. With squad selection headaches mounting for Warren Gatland, we’ll keep you posted on all the latest Lions news as it comes in, and of course you can get your full Lions fix in the summer with our dedicated Lions Watch special, so stay tuned.

That just about covers everything from this introduction; hopefully our concept is clear and something that appeals to you. Thanks again for joining us today, we hope you enjoy listening and you'll come back over the coming weeks and months as we follow England on their march to glory.

Next up, we’ll be doing a roundup of the 2017 RBS Six Nations so we hope you’ll join us again. You’ve been listening to episode 1 Episode 0 of the England Rugby Pod, the rugby podcast that believes England will win the world cup in 2019.

Podcast Episode - 0


  1. Love the concept, look forward to seeing where you go with it

    1. Thanks William H, glad you like it. Please check out the podcast and share your thoughts.

    2. will do...

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