Friday 5 May 2017

Climbing The iTunes Ladder

We're 'New' but we want to be 'Noteworthy'!!

How you can help the England Rugby Pod make the 'New & Noteworthy' list in iTunes
So, we've launched the pod and things are going reasonably well. 

No, that's an understatement, things are going great. Just over 1,000 downloads to date, at least 100 people have had a look, a handful of great reviews and we feel like we're improving with every episode. 


The holy grail for us right now is to get noticed on iTunes and thats where you come in. As far as anyone seems to be able to tell, the iTunes chart looks at a multitude of factors. No one really knows exactly what constitutes the perfect recipe, but it appears to be a combination of downloads, reviews, ratings and subscriptions. The problem, is that getting these - or rather getting people to go through the process of providing them, is becoming a bit of a headache - mainly for you.

OK, so the solution (or at least A solution), we'll put out this post and talk you through exactly what you need to do to help us reach the heavy heights of being recommended by iTunes with this: 

5 Steps To Success With Reviewing The England Rugby Pod on iTunes and Subscribing to help them make the 'New & Noteworthy' list and become awesome


Visit our page in the iTunes store. That bit's easy, just click this link, or use the Download, Review or Subscribe links on our home page. You'll be magically whisked away to the iTunes store page for the England Rugby Pod - yay!


On the left, under our logo image, there's a blue button 'View in iTunes'. This bit is potentially more complicated, as it assumes you have iTunes setup on your computer. If you do, great, if not! Download it? If you're on a mobile device, its slightly different, it may automatically redirect you, or it may ask you if you want to open in Podcasts (for apple devices) or another podcast app if you're on Android. The answer is YES, always yes!


Annoyingly, the podcast app will open it on the wrong page! Aghhhhh! No worries, use the search tool and type in England Rugby Pod (i know, you were just there, but this is why its such a pain!!). Select it from the list and it will open another version of the pod with a header image at the bottom. Click this image to open the page where you'll finally see 'Reviews' nestled between 'Details' (don't need this) and 'Related' (definitely don't need this!!!!!)


Two things to do here. Firstly, click the 'Subscribe' button if you haven't already subscribed. This just means that new episodes will be downloaded to your podcast app when they're released so they're always easy to find. Secondly, click on 'Reviews' and there'll be a link 'Write a Review' - thats what we've been looking for (The Holy Grail), congrats, you found it. Click on it. Click 5 stars (obviously....please!!), think of a witty title, and then bring out your inner Shakespeare with a profound review that will dazzle the masses.....or just let us know what you think. Hopefully you've listened to a few episodes by this stage so you'll have a good idea of what you think, if not, its awesome so a glowing review is probably what you'll eventually want to give, but you're here now, so just take our word for it and write something fabulous!


If you're new to iTunes and Podcasts, you've probably never reviewed before. If thats the case, you'll need to enter a user name. Here's where iTunes decides to mess with you one final time - just for fun!! If the name you choose is already in use, they won't tell you, it will just appear like nothing has happened! Annoying right? If this happens to you, change the name and try something else, or just add a load of numbers after the name you want. When the review is accepted, you'll know.


Simple right!! Doing this for us would be a massive help, we're up against the BBC, Sky, BT Sport and a load of professionally backed, professionally produced podcasts by professionals!!!!! so we have our work cut out for us, thats why we need your help.

We know it seems like a long winded process and we know you have busy schedules, but if you follow these 5 steps its really quite simple and will literally mean the difference between life and death.......(of the podcast)......although not really.......

We really hope you can help.


Andy & Dan

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