Welcome to a brand new rugby podcast and blog all about England. Other podcasts are available, but unlike those, we have blind faith that England will win the world cup in 2019. We're not professionals, we're not rugby authorities, we're simply a podcast by fans for fans and our knowledge and experience comes from watching the game we love and being passionate about it.

Join Andy and Dan as we follow the England team over the course of the next couple of years on their march to glory at the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

We've always been huge rugby fans, but out love of the England team was (as i'm sure it was for many of you) cemented in 2003, when Johnno lead a very special team to World Cup glory in Australia. 

Since then, our interest has grown as we wait for the next generation to pick up that mantle, and for us, the time is starting to feel right, now. Under Edie Jones, this England team seems to have something special about it that stirs memories of 2003, and whilst they have a way to go before they can count themselves equals, 2019 is when we believe we'll see them peak, which makes for an exciting couple of years for England fans.

We've been discussing all things England Rugby for a number of years on game days with pre, half-time and full-time in depth discussions. It occurred to us, we were already creating the content we needed for a podcast, we just weren't recording it, so we put our heads together and came up with the England Rugby Pod.

The concept is split into two key sections with a full analysis of each game as it happens, but international test matches are relatively few and far between and this is a weekly podcast, so when we're not covering the games, we'll be taking an intimate look at the entire England camp. Each non-game week, we'll pick one player from the squad and bring you a dedicated episode, unearthing who they are, how they got to where they are today and where they're heading. We'll look at how they're getting on domestically as well as how they're doing on the international stage, and we'll uncover their career highlights (and low-lights), as we try to paint you a picture so that come 2019, you don't just know the names of the players in the squad, you know the men behind the names.

This is as much a journey of discovery for us as it will be for you, so we hope you'll join us as we dissect this England side and attempt to uncover what makes the worlds next number one team tick.

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