Tuesday 20 June 2017

Chiefs v Lions

Podcast Episode - 22

Chiefs vs Lions

Today the Lions faced the Chiefs in a match no one allegedly wants to play in. It seems however, that no one told our boys this, as they produced a 34-6 winning performance. The Lions ran in 4 tries, kicked 3 conversions and 2 penalties. 

As the England Rugby Pod, we were happy to see excellent performances by all the England boys as well as most of the rest of the team. Courtney Lawes was Man of the Match but there were also MOM performances by Dan "Viking" Cole, James "The Brand" Haskell, Jack "Too strong for his size" Nowell and Elliot "whack my brother around the head with a cricket bat" Daly.

From a Lions perspective, the support play was the best we've seen this tour and the attack was the most destructive we've seen with Liam Williams also showing how capable he is as a player. Whether it's too late for these performances to earn a place in the 1st test, we'll see, but I would be surprised if we don't see some of these performances help secure places in the 2nd and 3rd test squads.

Our podcast on the match is now live for a more detailed coverage of the match.

Saturday's first test has become even more exciting than it was before and maybe, just maybe the Lions are getting it right at the right time!

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